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Novosibirsk - the largest industrial, scientific and cultural center in eastern Russia.

It is located in southeastern West Siberian Plain, in the Ob plateau adjacent to the valley of the Ob River , near the reservoir formed by the dam of the Novosibirsk Hydroelectric Power Station.

In WWII there were evacuated , many industries and the civilian population of the European USSR.

Novosibirsk Scientific Center is just East of Russia.

brought world-famous Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Akademgorodok , in which there are dozens of research institutes , Novosibirsk State University , Physico- mathematical school Novosibirsk State University, Research Institute of Circulation Pathology .Not far from Novosibirsk in Koltsovo is State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology Vector. The village is located Krasnoobsk Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences.


Results in Novosibirsk, 47 higher education institutions. Of these, 14 universities, 23 institutes , 10 academies.The biggest university is Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU ), which together enrolled more than 22 thousand students.


The town was founded in 1893 as the New Village in connection with the construction of the railway bridge over the Ob river during the Trans-Siberian Railway .


In 1894,New Village was renamed to the village of Alexander, in 1895 - in the village Novonikolayevsky in honor of Nicholas III.

In 1903, transformed into the city of Tomsk province Novonikolayevsk . Advantageous geographical position contributed to the rapid development of Novonikolaevsk .

In 1921-25 gg. - The city becomes the center of Novonikolayevsky province.

Finally, in 1925 it was renamed Novosibirsk, and he became a district town of the Siberian region . Since 1930 - the center of the West Siberian Region, since 1937 - the Novosibirsk region.

C 1930 . Novosibirsk has become a significant industrial, scientific and cultural center.

Today, Novosibirsk connects Siberia , the Far East , Central Asia and European regions of Russia. Human and trade flows contribute significantly to the development of the city. In addition, Novosibirsk is also a river port .